Shadowrun 5 - City Walls

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Shadowrun 5 - City Walls

Postby TikaKino » 11 Jul 2016, 11:18

Knight Errant Hong Kong - After Action Report
Operation Rising South Wind

Kowloon Walled City
Kowloon District

Response teams from Hong Kong Police Force, Central District deployed for urban pacification at request of [REDACTED]. Operational objective to secure safe corridor from Jordan Valley through to KWC section NE4/G and hold to allow maintenance work on electricity trunk line Spring-4. Ready Teams two and four deployed, along with Standby Teams two and three. STs effected entry on two floors simultaneously, operating in 4-member MOUT elements. RT2 escorted the payload while RT4 provided rear and flank security.

At T+6 minutes the first shots were fired by KWC residents. ST2.2 reported a planned ambush at the crossroads above the Kawa sweatshop, estimating 12-15 gang members with crossfire advantage. ST2.1 moved to flank by wall demolition and began to lay down suppressive fire at T+8, allowing ST2.2 to pull back to initial entry breach. Two minor injuries were reported by ST2.2 at this point. ST3 pushed underneath to the bazaar, making contact with a second ambush behind pre-planned barricades at T+13. Officers Gan and Shu were caught in the open by an emplaced heavy weapon and confirmed KIA at T+14. ST3.1 employed a Striker to clear the weapon and overran the barricades by T+16 with two minor injuries and one major reported; capture of suspects was judged impossible by officers on the scene. ST2 reached the target site at T+20 and came under heavy counter-attack, estimated strength 20+ including magical support and at least one toxic spirit. Mage-Officer Tenwan reported KIA at T+21 (see attached Decoration Citation Request DSM/2072/C41).

RT4 came under attack at T+21 and sustained three major injuries. Given the flank security issues the abort order was given at T+24 minutes and a successful extraction completed by T+39, with two further minor injuries sustained en-route. Maintenance Technician Lam ignored instructions from RT2 and became separated from his security detail; he was officially determined to be MIA at T+42.

Conclusion: Operation was conducted without sufficient cost-benefit analysis or prior target reconnaissance. Local gangs and potential terrorist elements were aware of the raid and acted to set up effective ambushes at choke points. Recommend client employs covert means or independent operatives to further pursue objectives.

Starting in August, I’m looking to run a Shadowrun 5th edition campaign on roughly alternate Thursdays (1st, 3rd and 5th of the month), set in Hong Kong and focusing around the fantastically dystopian Kowloon Walled City. I have two players confirmed and I’m looking for two more to make a team of four runners. It’s a mechanically dense system with a lot of tactical depth to it, but no prior knowledge is required - all the players so far (and me!) are new to the system or at least this edition of it. We’ll all puzzle it out together.

Anyone who’s interested, let me know here, on Facebook (by comment or PM) or drop me an email to
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