Committee Meeting 13/11/2013

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Committee Meeting 13/11/2013

Postby Gereon » 14 Nov 2013, 23:33

Due to some CCG players from the Uni of Southampton MTG loop on facebook considering founding their own society, and the amount of GameSoc members this would concern, the committee felt that an EGM might be a useful thing to sort out some possible issues, and had a meeting yesterday (Present: all but Alex, who was at work) to prepare the EGM and discuss some other matters. The EGM shall happen on Saturday, half three so that people have time to turn up and won't have to leave too soon.

We assume that part of the problem comes from underrepresentation of MTG players in the committee. This makes communication even more difficult than it generally is in GameSoc. We consider establishing a new committee position specifically to remove this problem, the EGM shall tell us if you consider that a good idea or decide if something else might be better. In particular for organizing tournaments and telling the relevant people about it such a position seems a good idea. Amber cannot read people's minds (and currently our R&D funds are allocated to bringing about the zombie apocalypse, as is our constitutional duty) to know that they expected her to organize tournaments.

Tom will also look into getting funding for GameSoc members entering CCG events, although we expect that it won't be possible to have non-inter-uni events sponsored. (Please tell the committee about possible CCG events against other university groups, though, there is some chance that there may be funding for such things.)

If we are voting for a new committee position, it might be good to get formal confirmation of in particular the president, secretary and treasurer, so we'll have meeting minutes to hand in to NatWest for transferring the bank account to the current officers, because there are no minutes from the AGM where we were elected, and those guys seem to ask for something new each time we go there, and meeting minutes are the latest thing.

This problem is also the reason that getting the rest of games we were going for has been delayed, because we currently still need someone from the old committee to sign cheques. Ordering of card sleeves (First: Chaos and 7Wonders and possibly Dominion) has gone forward though, the order should go through soon, so we can look forward to playing our new copy of Chaos.

This should also be mitigated by the auction. Due to the high number of items in the magic third cupboard, a full auction seems unfeasible, so we will need to give you a different way of getting your bids to us. We might still properly auction off some high-profile things, though...

We want to meet again with UPRAW, and apparently Solent has a GameSoc now, so meeting them sounds also like a good plan.
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