Committee Meeting - 28/09/15

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Committee Meeting - 28/09/15

Postby Beeswax » 22 Oct 2015, 19:58

GameSoc Committee Meeting Minutes – 28/09/15

Tomas, Nick, Mike, Ka-ming, Luke, David

1. Individual announcements
2. Health and safety training requirement
3. Future room bookings
4. Events Secretary
5. ‘Christmas Meal’
6. Committee shirts
7. Mega-post
8. Player lists for minority games
9. Game maintenance
10. Cupboard maintenance
11. GameSoc marketing efforts
12. Cross society event
13. Membership List
14. Concluding remarks

1 Individual announcements

Vice President

It should be part of the Secretary’s responsibility to respond to all emails sent to the society, or to direct a more appropriate committee member to respond on a case by case basis.

Everyone says good idea.

Events Secretary

Should have placed bank transfer on the agenda.

Secretary and Pres sign some stuff, Ka-ming hands to NatWest, stuff happens. Ka-ming needs to give us the relevant documentation.

Card Games Officer
There will be a busy GameSoc soon because magic.
Assessing popularity of YuGiOh amongst new members, possible tournament?

Adjusted background image, extra 10 pixels.
Deleted Drew.
QR codes for flyers will be investigated.
Welcome email to Freshers needs doing.
Once rooms are booked for Wednesdays they need to be added to the Google calendar.
Each committee member should update committee member details on website.
Needs Google accounts.
Committee members all have full mod/admin rights on the forum.
Removed Herobrine.

2 Health and safety training requirement
It is compulsory for one person from each student group to attend Health and Safety training. Session timings can be found at ... 1528697143 and are run regularly until January. It is only required to attend one of these sessions. It would be sensible for more than one society member to attend even though the requirement is only one.
Ka-ming and Luke will attend a session.
Mike has already attended as part of his SUSU job training.
Nick has First Aid training (on a boat).

3 Future room bookings
We do not currently have room bookings for Wednesdays.
Saturday 2 pm till 6 pm booked up until end of October with plenty of rooms, early morning cards not yet booked but expected to be free.
Hard to book regular place/time on Wednesdays, alternatives are: Later than 6 pm, Avenue, SUSU café, SUSU meeting rooms. Current café manager is new (abolished burger meal deal), may not have prejudice against past grievances caused by members no longer part of the society. SUSU café/meeting rooms can be overridden by facilities without prior warning.
Mike will investigate SUSU café.
Luke will investigate SUSU meeting rooms.

4 Events Secretary
Glen has stepped down as Events Secretary.
Mike B may be a good candidate.
Announce on forum and Facebook that the position is vacant.

5 ‘Christmas Meal’
Forum poll in October: location/date
Historically has been on the first Saturday of December. Alumni like to know dates weeeeell in advance.
Google form for orders.
David has volunteered as tribute for form generation.
Kaming will sort out taking money from members and making deposit/payment to chosen host location, as well as searching and exploring host options.

6 Committee shirts
Mike has received shirt design and size preferences from everyone.
Waiting on response for Wessex Scene, may need reformatting images.
Expected price between £8 to £12 per shirt.

7 Mega-post/General GameSoc public documenting
The pinned post on the GameSoc page could be rewritten to include more information. Information to include would be meeting times and locations clear at the top, who the committee are and contact details for them, breakdowns of what we can provide for various game sub categories (scenery for wargames, player lists for CCG’s and LARPs).
Also the Facebook description needs updating.
Glen needs to be removed as Events on the SUSU (add either RON or Dylan Harris as a placeholder).
Tom to put draft post on committee page for pruning.

8 Player lists for minority games
For general board games and Magic it is easy to find people to play with. For less commonly played games like Yu-Gi-Oh, wargames, LARPs, obscure games, and specific RPG systems, it can be hard to find players.
Yes. Nick will do it. We can ‘advertise’ this list on the mega post.

9 Game maintenance
Scotland Yard needs more A5 paper.
Settlers of Catan is missing, Gereon was known to have had it at some point.
Harriet says most of Gereon’s misc. stuff was left with Hugo (Hugo Weaving), so it may still be in the country (he is in not-England). Mike will do this.
Ka-ming will sort out Scotlard Yard.
Munchkin needs D10s.
Get additional card sleeves for base Dominion? New vs crinkly sleeve could differentiate new/old cards while face down. Not that important for the style of game, but still an advantage. Either buy new sleeves of re-sleeve so some new cards had the old sleeves and some old cards have new sleeves.
Dixit box is ‘loose’, possibly re home it into an alternative box.
Betrayal box is getting a bit distressed.
Potentially apply for card sleeves for Innovation (weird size cards).
Wargaming skull scenery thing is broken. Tom will fix with his special magic glue.

10 Cupboard maintenance
We can use the cupboards better by repacking more efficiently and clearing out unused items. The right snooker room cupboard lock does not work, needs fixing. The ‘other’ cupboard key is missing, presumed to be in possession of Poker Society. The current committee should have 6 keys, confirm. Flag missing, with Gereon?
Harriet does not know what happened to flag, Gereon may have it. Harriet is open to making another. Mike will investigate alongside Settlers of Catan.
All 6 keys are accounted for and in the hands of a committee member.
The 7th stolen key still exists, games could technically be stolen. Talk to SUSU about changing locks/fixing locks. Mike will investigate.
Cleaning. Mostly wargaming scenery, either keep, bin, or give away. General crap on the ground. Inventory of what games we do have. Tom + misc additional.
Signout sheet for games, use when games are taken away from campus outside of regular meetings times.

11 GameSoc marketing efforts
We could better advertise the society with flyer placement around campus. During the bunfight at least one person said this was their 3rd year and had not realised GameSoc existed, and would have been coming for the previous two years had they known. Mike has potentially organised an interview on Surge radio.
Maths, physics, engineering, computer science seem to be are most common demographics. Get flyers up in the relevant faculties.
Luke, ECS
Kaming, Physics and Stags
Tom, Maths noticeboards
Nick, NOC

12 Cross society event
Game or general ‘geeky trivia’ related pub quiz.
PokeSoc, CGSoc, FandomSoc, ESports? (lowest priority). Meant to be a general nerdy/geeky quiz, form teams with one member from each society?
Business post grad/ PHd thing want to borrows games ‘like Twister’ for an event. Aside from not owning Twister GameSoc is not intended as an entity to lend out games to whomever wants them. However, if people enjoy that event they may then choose to come to regular GameSoc meetings.
Maths, David?
Ka-ming, PhySoc

13 Membership list
David will do it.
Email signup sheet for freshers. Tom will do.

14 Concluding remark
Investigate more frequent lower scale socials as opposed to the Christmas meal/RABIES. Not drinky bar karaoke stuff, things like bowling/film nights/nerf/laser quest.
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