AGM Saturday 14/03/15

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AGM Saturday 14/03/15

Postby Gereon » 21 Feb 2015, 15:09

Ladies and Gentlemen of GameSoc!

The End of the academic year Is Nigh, and it is therefore time to hold an AGM. Dates are limited by the Easter holidays, which lie in the middle between now and the time when our glorious mother-organisation, SUSU, wants to see results from us. Thus, without further ado, the invitation:

You, as a member of GameSoc, are cordially invited to attend the
Southampton University Gaming Society Annual General Meeting 2015, to be held on Saturday 14/03/2015 after 3pm in Room 34/2003 in the education building on Highfield Campus.
The preliminary agenda looks as follows. (You can in theory add more points to it, should you really feel the need, by speaking to a member of committee. A final version of the agenda will be published a few days before the AGM.)
  • Report from the old committee
  • Elections of a new committee for the academic year 2015/2016, including the following essential and non-essential positions:
    • Secretary
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Events Secretary
    • Vice President
    • Collectible Card Games Representative
    • Webmaster
  • Other Business

Nominations for committee positions are now open, please post elsewhere on the forums.
For the curious among you, speak to a member of committee or the old guard even after reading the Constitution, which may or may not accurately reflect the practices of GameSoc at AGMs.
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