The President's Christmas Address

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The President's Christmas Address

Postby Gereon » 07 Dec 2013, 17:30

For the Grorious President's Christmas Address, all of GameSoc present wrote:Good day, bananas, my fellow Americans. The artist formerly known as prince would artistically have attended, had we remembered to invite him. Alas, he was commanded by other communists, our zombie allies. I would like to specially mention our actual leaders, the old farts table. I thank you for attending. Help I'm trapped in a speechwriting factory. And goats autodefenestrate in full view of styling parks full of cats. And thus I made the cat hat all the more magnificent, as it was decorated with badgers riding camels and fairy dust for the oranges from the moon.
Because I am caught in Thailand with 4sexy, yet unjustifiably indeterminately gendered boy toy maids, I regret, reiterating, everything. Except that one thing with regards to my very large endowment left by my father.
Yet I must once more stress the remorse I feel with regards to what the traffic light said to the zebra crossing. Such is the extend of my remorse, I shall now regenerate into the new president.
[Alex has evolved into something terrifying, horrible and ugly.]
I admit NOTHING. In fact, I entirely blame the conservative government. For if I were to summarise, their policy is to play games WITH YOUR LIFE.
And, to conclude, I'd like to thank the academy, remnants of GameSoc, hypothetical intellectual tortoises as well as a gazebo called Harold Zanzibar.
Chickens everywhere!
It seems that, in light of the ultimate failure of mankind, zombies are the inevitable birthday carousel, flying vampires Donald Trump toupee and self determination for southern Moldavia. So, in compression, so long and thanks for all the fish, and, uh, well, like, I guess, excelsior.
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