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Postby Sneakabout » 06 May 2013, 09:59

As I'm sure we're all aware, there was an incident in the cafe, we aren't there anymore. What we are not aware of is exactly what happened. There are plenty of accounts of events going around but nobody has collected these to make sure we know who did what. After talking to committee, this seems to be pretty important concerning the society's future room-booking ability.

Therefore! I would like people who meet the following criteria to send me a brief summary of what happened to them in a pm on the forum (shouldn't take much time) and not discuss it with anyone else. Nobody else needs to post, hopefully this thread can be locked.

1) Was in the cafe at the time, before we left the cafe.
2) Remembers a brief chronology of what happened.

The main facts I'm interested in are the following:

1) Who talked to you/your table and when. In particular cafe staff.
2) What you/your table said to people. In particular cafe staff.
3) What you were doing at your table/who was on the table.
4) When and why you left the cafe.

Anything else is probably unnecessary, don't worry about exact times but the order of events is useful. If you can remember who was sitting at which tables, you have an unnerving memory.

The most important part is what was said, by who and when. Please, no replies to this thread, if you think there's something I've left out then just message me!
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