Hello and welcome to GameSoc! Here is a little about what we do.

Board Games

Board games

We play a variety of board games here at GameSoc. The current inventory of society-owned games includes 7 Wonders, Alhambra, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Blockus & Blockus 3D, Castle Panic, Chaos in the Old World, Dominion (+Seaside), Race for the Galaxy, Settlers of Catan (+5/6 player expansion & Cities and Knights), Ticket to Ride, and quite a few more! In addition to games from the Cupboard our members often bring in games of their own for a bit more variety.

Role-Playing Games

Role-Playing games

Role-Playing is a large part of what we do in the society. We have GMs who run campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons (primarily 3.5, 4 and Pathfinder), World of Darkness, Scion, Apocalypse World, L5R, Traveller, Only War, and various other published, customised and homebrewed systems. We’re always happy to have new people in, so why not join in and come on an adventure with us?

If you came here looking for a LARP then you’re almost at the right place. While insurance issues prevent us from officially LARPing as a Society, a number of our members do LARP and will encourage you to join their LARPing groups.

Card Games

Card games, such as Magic: the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering is currently the most popular CCG in the Society, closely followed by Yu-Gi-Oh!. During our twice-weekly meetings there are often a couple of tables dedicated to games of Magic, with people playing mostly casual. Yu-Gi-Oh at the Society ranges from casual players who normally engage in other activities (such as board games or Magic) to current format competitive players who regularly attend tournaments.

War Games

War Games

If wargaming is your thing, you’ve come to exactly the right place! We have wargaming sessions both during GameSoc meetings and at other times at peoples’ houses. The most commonly played systems in the Society are Warhammer 40K&Fantasy, other Games Workshop games and Flames of War.

So where can you find us?

Unfortunately we have no fixed room, however the locations of our meetings can be found on our calendar.
Also, for those interested in finding more about how the Society operates, we publish minutes from our Committee Meetings on the Forum and our Constitution is located here.

What you won’t find

While we do play a large variety of games here, there are some notable absences.

the Chess Club has the monopoly on this, find them via the SUSU website or Facebook
handled by Bridge Club. Contact them by email via bridge or Facebook
there is a dedicated university Poker Society, who also have a Facebook group
Computer Games
if you came here looking for those, then allow me to direct you to CGSoc, who, again, have a Facebook group